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Below is a list of many of our projects. They range from hard news and television magazine shows to documentaries and wildlife.

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  New Mexico Drug Reform, ABC News, 3/01 A story for World News tonight about Governor Gary Johnson and his controversial ideas about drug law reform. Camera
  Narcan, ABC News Nightline, 1/01 A half-hour special with correspondent Judy Muller as she looks at efforts to save the lives of heroin addicts. Camera
  George W. Bush, ABC News 12/00 Coverage of events in Austin - from vote-counting time in Florida to Mr. Bush resigning as Governor of Texas to cabinet selections. Camera
  Rebecca's Garden/Chile, ABC Good Morning America, 9/00 A fast-moving live, 2-camera segment for the morning show about how to roast and prepare green chile. Camera
  Andrea Thompson, NBC Today Show, 9/00 An interview with the former NYPD Blues actor about quitting the show and becoming a news reporter. 2nd Camera
  Juarez Murders, ABC World News Tonight, 12/99 Uncovering bodies at a Mexico compound. Camera
  Alternative Energy, Fox News, 11/99 Reporter Douglas Kennedy explores the Solar Power Tower and the Z machine - used to predict the physics and effects of a nuclear blast. Camera
  Potatoes Not Prozac, Oprah, 10/99 Kathleen Des Maisons talks about her best-selling book about sugar cravings and other diet research. Camera
  Glenna Goodacre, Powderhouse Productions/Discovery Channel, 8/99 "Inside the U.S. Mint" - a profile of Santa Fe sculptor Goodacre and what was involved in designing the new Sacajawea dollar coin. Camera
  Parental Responsibility, ABC News John Stossel Special, 8/99 When should parents be held liable for their children's actions? Camera
  Colorado Man Hunt, ABC News, 7/98 Several pieces for World News Tonight and Good Morning America from the Four Corners search for 3 suspected cop killers. Camera
  Chimps, ABC News, 6/98 A piece for WNT about what to do with the descendants of the chimpanzee astronauts - continue health-related experiments or retire them? Camera
  Mammoth Dig, ABC Discovery News, 5/98 A look at an archaeological team uncovering the remains of a mammoth near Nogal, New Mexico. Camera
  Symmetry, ABC News 20/20, 3/98 A segment featuring the work of Dr. Randy Thornhill of UNM. How is attractiveness related to facial and body symmetry? He's got the answers. Camera
  Portal Sniffer, ABC News, 2/98 A segment for World News Tonight's "Cutting Edge" about the latest technology to detect explosives. Camera
  Person of the Week, ABC News, 3/97 A four minute news documentary for WNT with Alan Hale, discoverer of the Hale-Bopp Comet. Camera
  The Simpson Civil Verdict, ABC News, 2/97 Coverage at the Santa Monica Courthouse. Camera
  Jonbenet Ramsey Murder, ABC News, 1/97 Coverage of the investigation and media circus in Boulder, Colorado for various ABC shows including Nightline, WNT and GMA. Camera
  BBC-PBS Electronic Field Trip at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, 11/96 Tape segments with David Heil for roll into live show. Camera
  Schwarzkopf's America, 7/96 A segment for NBC Nightly News featuring General Schwarzkopf interviewing Navajo teenagers about their efforts to explore their culture through traditional dance. Camera
  Who's Home on the Range?, 7/96 An independent documentary about the ranching, forest service, environmental and health issues facing a small community. Produced by Dr. Ben Daitz, this project followed these rural county issues over an extended period of time. Camera
  Late Show with David Letterman, 7/96 A lighthearted segment with Manny the hippie in Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, Manny believes in aliens! Camera
  Cyberlife, 5/96 An interview with Brad Carvey about his computer inventions and growing up with famous brother, Dana. Cyberlife is a popular program that runs on the Learning Channel. Director/Camera
  Understanding Time, 4/96 Special effects shots for a Discovery/Learning Channel documentary. Unique footage of clocks, arrows and trains help explain the concept of time. Additional Camera
  United World College, 4/96 Coverage of the graduating ceremonies including special guest Queen Noor of Jordan. A promotional tape for the Armand Hammer College. Camera
  MuSE, 1995 Aimed at the investment community, this piece explains MuSE, a software shell that accepts data from different sources and creates dynamic multi-sensory representations of that data. Director/Camera/Editor
  Understanding Television, 1995 A 60-minute documentary for The Learning Channel. Producer Ned Judge takes the viewer through the intricacies of how the medium works. Additional Camera
  Disney Salutes the American Teacher, Fall/Winter 1995 Three profiles for the Disney Channel's annual search for exemplary teachers. Camera
  Otono/Colores! for KNME TV (PBS, Albuquerque), aired 1995 Otono or Autumn is a time to bring in the crops. From green chile to peanuts, farmers talk about harvest. Director/Camera/Editor
  Stargazers, 12/94 A 60-minute documentary film about the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona -- narrated by Patrick Stewart and shown on The Discovery Channel. Additional Camera
  Respect for the Past - Confidence in the Future, 1994 A 45-minute history of Sandia National Laboratories. Currently showing at the National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque. Director/Camera/Editor
  Los Angeles Earthquake, 1994 Hard news coverage for ABC's World News Tonight, Prime Time Live and Nightline programs. Camera
  Chile: The Addiction, 1994 A magazine style piece for the NBC News Today Show about the largest growth food in the U.S. Camera
  Econopolis, A Micro Economy, 1993 A piece for Teacher TV about a simulated economy run by eighth graders. A co-production of NEA and the Learning Channel. Camera
  Art Connects Painting, 1993 A 15 minute documentary style teaching tape connecting art and writing skills for University of New Mexico Special Projects. Camera/Editor
  Great Country Inns 1992-93, A series on the Learning Channel. Shot documentary style, the show featured Inns and Bed and Breakfasts across the United States. Director/Camera
  Bungee Jumping An entertainment piece for MTV Sports about a group that jumps off the Lee's Ferry Bridge over the Colorado River in Arizona. Camera
  Hantavirus, ABC, 1993 Hard news coverage of the outbreak in the Four Corners area. ABC's Gary Sheppard spent a week in the summer of 1993 searching for information from the medical and Native American communities. Camera
  Indian Land Dispute, NBC, 1992 A story for NBC's Nightly News about the Navajo/Hopi Land Dispute. In December of 1992, the two sides were getting close to an agreement that would end the decades-long battle. Camera
  James Taylor Promos, VH1, 1992 Interviews and performance with James Taylor for VH-1 as he readied for his world tour. Shot during rehearsals in Santa Fe, the pieces ran extensively on VH-1. Camera
  Mariachi/Colores! for KNME TV (PBS, Albuquerque), aired 1992 A performance program featuring some colorful individual musicians. Distributed nationally on PBS. Director/Camera/Editor
  Shooting Back in Taos A short piece for Video Action Fund of Washington, D.C. Native American students learn about themselves and the world around them through photography. Camera
  Taos Hum, ABC A closing story for ABC's World News Tonight. Correspondent Brian Rooney traveled to Taos, NM to investigate the mysterious noise. Camera
  Crossing Borders, 1992 A Colores! production for KNME TV (PBS, Albuquerque) about poet Jimmy Santiago Baca. Shot in a variety of New Mexico locations. Distributed nationally on PBS. Director/Camera/Editor
  De-Nuking America, 1992 A segment for the syndicated program, "How'd They Do That?", the story looked at the transportation of nuclear weapons. Camera
  New Mexico Exotics, NBC NBC News Today Show's Lucky Severson. A magazine format story about the controversial placement of exotic animals on public land in New Mexico. Associate Producer/Camera
  Ganados Del Valle, NBC A magazine style story for the NBC News Today Show in Los Ojos, New Mexico. Rural community entrepreneurs and activists in an environmental conflict. Camera
  Kurdish Refugees/After Desert Storm, ABC, 1991 Coverage of the Kurds being driven from their homes and into the mountains by Saddam Hussein. I was part of the ABC News team that traveled to Turkey and Iraq for more than 30 stories in the aftermath of the Gulf War. Technical Support/Sound
  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 1989 Hard news coverage for ABC's World News Tonight in Valdez, Alaska. Extensive work in terrible conditions on Prince William Sound. Camera
  Inside the Courtyard Kitchen, 1987 A one hour entertainment cooking show filmed at the Courtyard Kitchen restaurant and on location in Louisiana Cajun country during Mardi Gras. Co-producer/Camera/Editor
  American Almanac and 1986 Two news magazine shows that broadcast on NBC with Connie Chung, Roger Mudd and Garrick Utley as hosts. Throughout 1985 and '86 I traveled extensively for NBC -- from a story about "pit bulls" in Kentucky, to a piece about hazardous waste incineration in Louisiana, to the Victim Witness Program in Tucson -- these programs followed an aggressive schedule and uncovered some fascinating human interest stories. Camera/Sound/Technical Support


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