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Below is a list of many of our projects. They range from hard news and television magazine shows to documentaries and wildlife.

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  El Senador DG Camera CB Sound 4/01 A documentary on the late Dennis Chavez - the U.S. Senator from New Mexico was a socially conscious maverick. Produced by Paige Martinez. Premiering at the Taos Talking Picture Festival - with distribution pending
  Hoppers DG Camera CB Sound 3/01 A "cutting edge" segment for World News Tonight featuring correspondent James Walker and the world of hopping robots. Experiments with the bots are frustrating and a little fun. ABC News
  Lab Security DG Camera CB Sound 10/00 A look at security at Los Alamos National Laboratory in light of the Wen Ho Lee case. ABC News Nightline half-hour special with correspondent Dave Maresh
  Million Mom March DG Camera CB Sound 5/00 A talk with Mary Hunt, who lost her son to gun violence. ABC Good Morning America
  Death in the Desert DG Camera CB Sound 5/00 Connie Chung interviews Raffi Kodikian about the murder of his best friend. ABC News 20/20
  New Mexico Artists DG Camera CB Sound 4/00 Profiles of a glass artist, a weaver, and 2 sculptors. Weller/Grossman Productions for HGTV
  Navajo Code Talker DG Camera CB Sound 2/00 Wilfred Billey talks about the infamous role of the code talkers during World War II. Channel One News
  Airborne Laser Project DG Camera CB Sound 5/99 An "it's your money" segment for World News Tonight about an Air Force project that's over budget and in danger of losing funds. Shot at Starfire Optical Range. ABC News
  WIPP DG Camera CB Sound 3/99 The opening of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, NM, including a trip to the underground salt beds with correspondent Barry Sarafin. ABC World News Tonight
  Skunk Works X-33 DG Camera CB Sound 9/98 An hour doc shot on digital Beta 16x9 about the X-33, which will test many of the technologies needed for the first single-stage-to-orbit, fully reusable launch vehicle. Produced by Atlantic Celtic Films for the BBC
  World News Tonight - A Closer Look DG Camera CB Sound 7/98 'The anatomy of a search' - Judy Muller on the hunt for copkillers in the four corners area. ABC News
  Sephardic Jews DG Camera CB Sound 6/98 A look at the hidden Jews of New Mexico, and their 'coming out'. PBS/Religion and Ethics News Weekly
  New Attitudes DG Camera CB Sound 5/98 Entrepreneurs and the potential 'angels' who may invest in their business ideas. Lifetime Cable Network
  Charlene Teters DG Camera CB Sound 10/97 This World News Tonight 'person of the week' takes on sports teams and others who use Native Americans as mascots. She thinks it's time for a change. ABC News
  Roswell - the 50th Anniversary DG Camera CB Sound 7/97 Did a UFO crash nearby in 1947? ABC World News Tonight/Good Morning America
  Snowmobiling with Al Unser Jr. DG Camera CB Sound 1/96 A wild ride that ran on ESPN 2
  Cozette Elena DG Camera CB Sound 12/95 6-year old Cozette was recently returned to her mother. Kidnapped by her father when she was 18 months old - Cozette now speaks only Spanish, mom only English. NBC Weekend Today Show
  Understanding Television DG Additional Camera CB Sound aired December 1995 A 60 minute highly entertaining documentary about how television works. Part of Discovery Network's Understanding series, this doc was produced by Ned Judge and ran on The Learning Channel
  Stargazers CB Associate Producer aired December 1994 on Discovery Channel A documentary film about the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Narrated by Patrick Stewart, this hour takes us from the beginning of the observatory and the discovery of the planet Pluto, into what Lowell astronomers are searching for today. Ned Judge, Producer
  LA Earthquake DG Camera CB Sound 10/94 Coverage of the '94 Northridge quake. ABC World News Tonight/Prime Time/World News Weekend
  The Native Americans DG Additional Camera CB Sound Summer & Fall 1994 Interviews and beauty shots for the Southwest episode of Turner Broadcasting's six hour series.
  In the Mix CB Field Producer DG Camera Summer 1994 Segments for a series featuring teenagers' opinions on everything from school to fashion. PBS
  Invention CB Researcher 1994 A series produced by the Smithsonian Institution and Discovery Channel. I researched several ideas, including the inventors of the Jeep and inventors of special cameras to film Aurora Borealis.
  "MuSE DG Director/Camera/Editor CB Co-Writer/Sound 1994 The 3D world of Creve Maples and his "Multi-dimensional, User oriented Synthetic Environment". Produced by C/D Productions and MuSE to inform and attract clients.
  Freida Belinfante DG Camera CB Sound 1994 Almost captured by the SS on two occasions, Ms. Belinfante tells of how she escaped by posing as a man. A special project for the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.
  Colores!/Mi Casa CB Producer DG Camera/Editor 1993 Alternative building in New Mexico. Aired on KNME-TV (PBS Albuquerque) then nationally distributed
  Great Country Inns CB Field Producer DG Camera aired 1992-93 A series featuring unique bed and breakfast inns around the country. The Learning Channel
  Colores!/Mariachi CB Producer DG Camera/Editor 1992 A passionate style of music. Aired on KNME-TV (PBS Albuquerque) then nationally distributed
  Colores!/Jimmy Santiago Baca CB Producer DG Camera/Editor 1991 The prize-winning author and poet tells how language has affected his life. Aired on KNME-TV (PBS Albuquerque) then nationally distributed
  Tierra O Muerte (Land or Death) CB Associate Producer DG Director/Camera aired KBDI - TV (PBS Denver) - then nationally distributed through PBS 1990 An hour long study of the land and people of New Mexico's Chama Valley. ** Winner, Silver Baton, 1990-91 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award in the documentary category
  Roger Miller DG Camera CB Sound 1990 A talk with the singer, songwriter and actor at his home in northern New Mexico. Dream Ranch Pictures
  Silverton Brass Band Festival DG Producer/Camera CB Producer/Sound 1990 The works of many Russian composers performed by musicians with vintage instruments in a northern Colorado mining town. Broadcast on First Channel, USSR TV - in 1990 it was the only channel in Russia!
  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill DG Camera CB Sound April/May 1989 Coverage of the aftermath. ABC World News Tonight/Good Morning America
  Black and White CB Co-Producer/Writer with Dale Sonnenberg 60 min. aired 1987 on KNME - then nationally distributed Several routine assignments from spending months on patrol with Albuquerque Police. But to underscore what routine can mean , scenes of the funeral of an officer killed on a "routine" assignment run through this hour. ** Rocky Mountain Emmy, Best Documentary/Current Issues 1987
  One Take - A documentary series CB Co-Producer/Writer with Dale Sonnenberg aired 1987 on KNME Ten thirty minute programs. The subjects vary - women in prison, mental health, the US/Mexico border, Agent Orange, domestic violence. The style - no editing - each half hour is a continuous shot, done in "one take".
  How Great Thou Art CB Co-Producer/Writer with Dale Sonnenberg 60 min. aired 1985 on KNME - then nationally distributed A tongue in cheek look at an environmental art expedition that took place at El Morro, New Mexico. Translated from Spanish, El Morro means "the bluff". ** Rocky Mountain Emmy, Best Entertainment Program 1986
  No Turning Back CB Co-Producer/Writer with Dale Sonnenberg 60 min. aired 1985 on KNME Traditional Navajo values are juxtaposed with those of evangelist Boots Wagner.
  Above and Beyond CB Co-Producer/Writer with Dale Sonnenberg 60 min. aired 1984 on KNME - then nationally distributed Also ran on Discovery Network in 1988 Through interviews, music and original artwork, some very personal impressions of Viet Nam come to life.

** Rocky Mountain Emmy, Best Documentary 1985
** Honorable Mention Award, 27th Annual American Film Festival Video      Competition

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