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Sunday Morning on CBS - The 50 - Year Bloom

Most of what we've learned from years of Sunday Morning adventures applies to our work with people in one way or another. The nature closing segments on the show usually feature wildlife. But we've learned to look beyond the birds, bees and mammals for the shots that might not reveal themselves right away. Over the years we've captured melting snow, waterfalls, blowing grasses - and in the spring of 2001 - a spectacular show of wildflowers in the Sonoran desert.


There were brilliant patches of color on Picacho Peak, between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Because of recent weather patterns, including a wet winter, many biologists are calling 2001 the "50 - year bloom." At dawn, we hiked into the hills and found Coulter's Lupine, Great Desert Poppies, Mexican Gold Poppies, and Spectacle Pod. Who says you can't find beauty in the desert!


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