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ABC World News Tonight - "Fires in the West"

Fires in the West were a big part of our lives in 2000. At Los Alamos, stories included the politics of the prescribed burn by the National Park Service, the evacuation of the town, and safety issues as the fire burned in and around Los Alamos National Laboratory. At the Mesa Verde fire, there were mixed reactions as the fire burned beautiful parts of the National Monument, but also revealed previously unknown ruins.

Later in the summer it seemed as if most of the state of Montana was in flames, and we traveled there to help cover the worst fire season in decades.


There are lots of elements to consider with fire stories: Safety is a big concern. Sensitivity is required because people are waiting to hear if their homes and businesses are still standing. There's the toll on wildlife, forests and firefighters. There's the issue of fire prevention and the politics and policy questions - how to fight the fires, clean up and pay for the devastation?

Our Nomex - the yellow fire retardant clothing - was well worn by the end of the summer.


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