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Cindy has twenty years of television experience.

For network news, news magazine and documentary clients - she works as a sound technician. Her equipment package is always packed and ready to go. It includes a portable mixer, six wireless mics, a couple of boom mics and poles, and an extensive array of accessories to help record great sound. Her brand preferences include Shure, Sony, Sennheiser, Sonotrim and Lectrosonics. Also, her partner Dale keeps her supplied with all the cables she could possibly need. (how could you get by without fifty feet of purple mic cable?)

But sometimes Cindy leads a double life.

In the 1980's she spent several years producing for public television - including several award-winning documentaries. She offers producing and writing services in addition to her sound recording work, and appreciates the challenge of putting a client's story on the small screen.


Dale is a director, cameraman, and editor.

He has twenty-eight years of professional experience behind the camera that has run the gamut from presidents of small companies to the President of the United States.

His shooting package is based on a Sony BVW D600 Recorder in Camera, and he's always adding cool accessories to help his pictures look better. One recent addition is the Sony PD150 mini DV camera - its time-lapse images for a project about solar energy look great.

Dale also has an impressive assortment of lighting gear. He keeps up with the latest - and contributes to the television economy by spending as much as he can at the NAB convention each year. Seriously - he depends on his tried and true stuff but likes the challenge of finding the "new and improved."

He shoots to edit because he does that too. Oh, and he has a great sense of humor (albeit dry) - but he won't laugh when you call about your next project. He takes some things very seriously.



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